Some history on everyday kitchen appliances

The fridge

The first fridge dates back as far as 1805. It was based on the idea of vapor compression that would create ice by using ether in a vacuum. The first electric fridge was made in 1914 which would have needed a motor to be installed in the home to allow it to work. Although due to the use of ammonia, sulphur dioxide and methyl chloride for the process of cooling the fridges inside. The fridges would emit dangerous chemicals into the home that would kill families.

The stove & oven

The first stoves would use gas to cook food but in 1906 the electric stove became popular because it was less maintenance. By the 1920s almost everyone owned an electric stove.
The electric oven was first used in a hotel in Ottawa Windsor hotel in the US in 1892. The oven worked by using two elements inside, one at the top and one at the bottom to create heat to cook the food.

The microwave

The microwave was invented in 1945 by a man doing experiments with active combat radar and he had discovered that while doing these experiments his candy bar had melted. Only two years later in 1947 was the first microwave available and it was called the radarange. It was about 1.8 m tall and weighed in at a whopping 340kg. it took a whole for the microwave to gain popularity as people were afraid of the radiation.

The freezer

The first commercial freezers were made in the 1940s. at this point fridges and freezers were using freon which made it a lot safer for homes.

The dishwasher

The dishwasher was invented in 1887 by a woman. It washed her dishes faster than her servants could. Although dishwashers only became popular in the 1950s.

The blender

The first blender was made to help in the making of milkshakes and malts in 1922. Another blender was made in 1937 to help make the polio vaccine.

The kettle

The first electric kettle was made in 1893 in England. Though the element could not be in water and was placed under the kettle. In 1922 an engineer fixed this issue by creating an element covered in a metal casing so it could be in water. The first automatic kettle was invented in 1955, which is basically what we use in today’s world.